This article will walk you through how to deploy your Formulas, Schedules and xCache records from one Dynamics 365 organization to another. For example this could be when you are moving between a development and test environment. The process is very similar to how you normally do this within Dynamics 365 in that we use a Solution to deploy all the Formulas, Schedules and xCache records.

Deployment Process

The process uses a solution called North52 Business Process Activities Deployment which gets created for you during the install process of North52 BPA. By default, this solution will contain all the North52 Formulas, Schedules and xCache records that you have created in your Dynamics 365 system. It can be exported and imported to other Dynamics 365 organizations as you would normally do with other solutions containing your customizations.

Note that you do not need to use the North52 Business Process Activities Deployment solution. You can create your own solution and within your Formula, Schedule or xCache record use the deployment solution pick-list on the form to select your preferred solution. This means that you can combine your other customizations with North52 Formula, Schedule or xCache records and create a solution for a specific business requirement/area - we make it easy to work within your existing processes. When moving solutions it is recommended to use the un-managed solution as described in the steps below. 

The Formulas, Schedules and xCache records get created as XML web resources within the 'North52 Business Process Activities Deployment' solution. This process happens automatically for you as you create North52 records using the normal user interface. If you make subsequent updates to a North52 record these resources in the solution will get automatically updated as well so they are always kept in sync. The screenshot below shows how 3 formulas look like within this solution:

It is this solution that we use to transport all the Formulas, Schedules and xCache records from one Dynamics organization to another just like you normally would with any Dynamics 365 solution. The next section outlines the steps to do this.

Steps to deploy from one CRM organization to another

  1. Navigate to the source Dynamics 365 organization which contains the Formulas, Schedules and xCache records you want to deploy
  2. Navigate to the list of solutions and select the solution named North52 Business Process Activities Deployment
  3. Click the Export button 
  4. When exporting it is recommended that you export out to a unmanaged solution  
  5. Save the solution on your PC
  6. Navigate to the list of solutions within the target Dynamics 365 organization 
  7. Click the Import button to import the unmanaged solution from step 5 above
  8. Click the Publish All Customizations button so that the Formulas, Schedules and xCache records get created
  9. The process to create the North52 records runs in the background as a workflow named N52 Publish All
  10. You can monitor this under system jobs, and when completed all the Formulas, Schedules and xCache records will have been created