Business Process Flows - Security Roles

Dynamics 365 (8.2 +)

When upgrading from Dyanmics 2016 to Dynamics 365, users gain visibility of all Business Process Flows

The Dynamics 365 upgrade process from Dynamics 2016 has introduced a bug that affects security roles in North52.
It is not present in new Dynamics 365 installations.

Microsoft modifies the existing North52 Security Roles giving them access to Business Process Flows which they should not have.

Steps to Rectify:

Open Setting -> Security -> Security Roles

Open each of the following security roles and apply the below steps to both of them:

  • North52 BPA - Standard
  • North52 BPA - Admin

Navigate to the Business Process Flows tab

As you can see - these security roles have access to all the Business Process Flows. You will need to disable each of these.

Click on each line to clear each security options granted. It is faster to click where the mouse icon is shown in the below image as this will update all options in the row instead of just one at a time.

When you have finished clearing all the values, it should look like the below. Make sure to save the security roles afterwards and the issue should be resolved.