In some scenarios you may receive the following message "North52 Configuration Failed" while trying to accept the license. This only happens for On-Premise installs where there is a mis-configuration in the CRM setup. Please try the resolution items below. 

Note if you are still having problems contact

(1) Reset the Publisher & Deployment Solution

-Navigate to the list of solutions in your CRM system (Settings -> Solutions)
-Delete the solution with display name 'North52 Business Process Activities Deployment Solution'
-Navigate to the list of publishers in your CRM system (Settings -> Customizations -. Publishers)
-Delete the publisher with display name 'North52 Business Process Activities Publisher'-Try again to Accept the License

(2) CRM On-Premise Installation - Service Principal Name (SPN) Issue

This issue occurs when you have a mis-configured SPN within your OnPremise CRM set-up. You can tell this is the issue by turning on CRM platform tracing & looking for an error message with the following text around the point where the North52 Configuration record is being created.


You will need to fix this issue before you can start working with North52. Use the information in the following articles to do so, 

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