Sometimes it becomes necessary to perform debugging of client-side code. This would usually be needed in the following circumstances,

  • Allowing us to see how a formula that is set to execute on a form [e.g. onChange() event] interacts between the webpage and the server
  • Debugging some element related to the North52 UI


In order to perform this debugging we need a free debugging tool called Fiddler. So if you do not have this installed please download & install this to your PC.

Setup Debugging

  • In order to perform debugging you need to start fiddler.
  • It should look something like the screenshot above.
  • If the CRM system you are accessing runs under HTTPS \ SSL then go to Tools -> Fiddler Options and enable the 2 chechboxes as shown in the screenshot below. Note some popups will appear and you can just accept these.
  • Ensure that in the top left hand corner of  Fiddler that the ‘Capture Traffic’ is turned on

Decrypt HTTPS Traffic


Capture Traffic


How to Perform Debugging

  • Now that fiddler is up & running you need to navigate to the webpage in CRM & perform the desired action.
  • This could be changing the value of a field on the form which would then trigger the North52 formula to execute.
  • What happens then is Fiddler records this interaction so we can see all the details of what happened,
  • You can now click File -> Save -> All Sessions to save a file which will contain this interaction.
  • Finally you can send this file to to get it reviewed & a resolution to your issue.