If you have turned on any of the two tracing mechanisms below then detailed trace information will be inserted into the entity N52 Trace. This trace information allows you to troubleshoot & debug any problems you have with your formulae. 

  •  System Wide
  •  Individual Formula

The following provides a step by step guide to finding the detailed trace information.


The Advanced Find feature within Dynamics CRM is accessible from the ribbon from multiple locations in teh top right hand corner. When you find the Advanced Find feature click on the button as shown below. 


Next from the picklist labelled "Look for" choose "N52 Trace" from the list. Now click the "Results" button to see all the detailed trace information.


The screenshot below shows an example of the results you will receive.  Any of these records can then be doubled clicked on to view its details.


The final screenshot shows an example of the detailed trace information that is captured. It is this trace information which will help you to debug & troubleshoot any problems your are having with BPA.