This how to article will show you how to change the owner of a North52 BPA installation in your Dynamics 365 \ 365 instance.


The user that installed North52 BPA in your Dynamics instance has left the company and you want to reassign their licence to another user. Before you disable the user you should carry out the following 4 steps in order to make sure that North52 BPA continues to run smoothly.

Steps to be carried out by new Admin user

1 - North52 Configuration Record

Navigate to Settings -> N52 Configuration Record and assign the Configuration Record to yourself

2 - Workflows

North52 BPA installs several workflows into your Dynamics instance that will need to be reassigned to the new admin user.

  • In Settings -> Processes select 'All Processe's and then Search for N52
  • Deactivate the workflows
  • Assign them all to you
  • Reactivate the workflows

3 - Bulk Delete Jobs

North52 BPA will also install a set of Bulk Delete jobs within your Dynamics instance that are used to delete trace files etc. and thereby not clog up storage space.

These are:

  • North52 Trace Bulk Delete
  • North52 Command Bulk Delete
  • North52 Formula Calculation Bulk Delete

To ensure these continue to run:

  • Go to Settings -> System Jobs
  • Set the view to Recurring System Jobs and search for jobs starting with North52
  • Select the system jobs and cancel them
  • Next go to Settings -> N52 Configuration Record
  • Scroll down to System Settings and in the Command dropdown select Setup Bulk Delete
  • Now save the N52 Configuration record - this will recreate the bulk delete jobs under your user account

4 - Duplicate Detection Rules

Navigate to Settings -> Data Management and open Duplicate Detection Rules

  • Search for rules starting with North52
  • Unpublish the Duplicate Detection Rules
  • Assign the Rules to yourself
  • Publish the rules