This knowledge base article deals with the scenario where you need to perform a database backup & restore of your CRM system from one instance to another. A common example of this is from a production system to a UAT \ Sandbox system for when you need real data for testing purposes.

In this scenario when you perform the restore on the UAT system & you then try to action an event which causes a North52 formula or schedule to execute it will throw an error message such as the one below.

Message: The unique Organization ID of your CRM system 'xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx' does not match the Organization ID on the North52 Configuration record.

The reason for this message is that when you perform the restore the unique Organization ID from the production system will be on the North52 Configuration record within the UAT system, so we need to reset this Organization ID.

Steps to reset the Organization ID 

  1. After you have performed the restore to the UAT CRM system navigate to the North52 Configuration record on the UAT system
  2. Then copy the value from the True Organization ID field into the Organization ID field
  3. Click save

Steps re-apply License Key

If you have a paid license from North52 then you will also need to,  

  1. Request a new license key by submitting the new Organization ID at the following webpage ;
  2. When you receive the new key just copy & paste into the License key field & click save
  3. You are now ready to test


Open North52 Configuration Record

Reset Organization ID Field

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