If you need to see how many active users you have in  Dynamics 365 / 365  - this KB article will walk you through the steps. 

Steps to Find active users

  • Click on the Advanced Find in the top right corner
  • Under Look For , choose Users
  • Set the Status  Attribute Equals Enabled.
  • Set the next condition to Access Mode
  • Set this equal to Read-write and Write
  • Click the Results button
  • The number of active users is displayed in the bottom left hand corner. 


Did you know?

xCache helps you manage environment specific configuration

North52's Decision Suite component xCache allows you to set up environment specific data to allow you to use different values for different instances. Your advanced business rules logic could be the same, however you need to use specific reference values for a particular instance.

For example, credentials for a web service used in your Formula - you will likely use different keys/URLs for your Dev, Test and Production instances. Store these in xCache and let the North52 business rules engine apply the correct ones at runtime! 

Learn more and see examples of xCache