Occasionally you may see an issue when triggering a formula such as 

" Formula XXX not found or description not set at North52.FormulaManager.WorkflowActivities.ExecuteFormula.Execute(CodeActivityContext executionContext "

When this occurs , it is a good idea to check whether or not the licence key has been accepted - this can be mistakenly changed when the configuration file is been used. 

Steps to Retrieve Detailed Error Message

  • Click Settings > N52 Configuration > North52 Configuration
  • Check the field Licence Accepted
  • If it is set to No, change it to Yes and Save changes

Did you know?

North52 Quick Tiles can be displayed on Dynamics Portals Entity Forms

That's right, you can display information via North52 Quick Tiles on an Entity Form. Display things like:

  • Number of cases remaining
  • Current support repsonse time
  • Remaining credits
  • Outstand balance
  • And much more...

Configure your rules/decision logic using North52 Decision Tables. You can have one, two, three…or ten tiles - you choose! 

Learn more about North52 Quick Tiles for Portals