⚠️Please note if you are using Dynamics v8 or earlier, use the legacy information below.


Occasionally you may see an issue with North52 BPA where you get a warning, like the below, when you attempt to publish Formulas. Or you may see a reference to the North52 Configuration record in a trace file.


Dynamics 365 (v9+)


  • Navigate to the North52 app
  • On the sidebar on the left, select Start
  • Under Quick Links, click the North52 Configuration button
  • This will open the N52 Configuration entity
    • Copy the Licence Key as a backup for later
    • Select Delete from the ribbon to delete the N52 Configuration Record
  • You will be returned to the Start page of the North52 app
  • From the Start page, click the Accept Licence Agreement button
  • Wait a moment and the Start page should refresh and display the previous selection of buttons like below:
  • Click North52 Configuration again to open up the newly created config file
  • Replace the basic Licence Key with your previously copied one



Legacy - For Dynamics CRM v8 and earlier