Occasionally you may see an issue with North52 BPA where you get a warning, like the below, when you attempt to publish formulas. Or you may see a reference to the North52 Configuration record in a trace file.

If this happens there a few steps that must be carried out to resolve the issue:

  • Navigate to Settings -> Solutions
  • Click 'North52 BPA' -> 'Open Configuration'



  • This will open the N52 Configuration entity
  • Copy the Licence Key into Notepad as a Backup
  • Now Delete the N52 Configuration Record


  • Next Open the North52 BPA main solution
  • Click on the Info tab on the left
  • Click Accept on the Licence Page

  • A message stating a license has been installed should appear after a few seconds.
  • Next click on the cog icon in the top right hand corner of the screen (just to the left of the text configuration)
  • Now copy back in your 'Licence Key' into the field provided
  • Click Save
  • Check that the issue has been resolved