⚠️Please note this KB article only applies if you are using Dynamics v8 or earlier.


If you are not seeing a site map such as the one below for North52 BPA and are on CRM 2015 Update 1 to CRM v8 or later then you need to upgrade your North52 BPA sitemap elements.

North52 BPA SiteMap


Sitemap Install

The steps below will show you how to do this,

  • Navigate to Settings -> Solutions
  • Click 'North52 BPA'
  • Click 'Open Configuration' 
  • When the record opens then click 'Start Dialog' from the command menu
  • Select to run the North52 Maintenance Operations dialog
  • Next choose the SiteMap Install option
  • Click next, then finish and finally close the dialog
  • Now you can refresh your browser to see the North52 BPA sitemap elements

North52 BPA Main Menu


North52 BPA Maintenance Operations