In some circumstances you may need to disable the auto publishing of North52 formulas and schedules. Only do this if instructed to do so by the support team from North52. This article will walk you through the steps to achieve this.

Whenever a user clicks the 'Publish All' button in Dynamics 365 in addition to publishing the Dynamics 365 changes it will also publish any outstanding North52 changes.

Disable Auto Publishing

The steps below will show you how to do this,

  • Navigate to Settings -> Customizations
  • Click 'Customize the System'
  • Click 'SDK Message Processing Steps' on the left hand navigation
  • Set a filter on the list view to only show all records where the name contains 'North52'
  • Select the 2 records with the SDK Message 'Publish' & 'Publish All'
  • Click Deactivate

Manual Publishing

As you have disabled the auto-publishing service you will now need to manually publish any formulas or schedules that you deploy to your CRM system. The knowledge base article below wil show you how to achieve this.