In some circumstances you may need to disable North52 BPA message processing step. If this occurs you will need to perform the following steps,

Disable SDK Messaging Processing Steps

The steps below will show you how to do this,

  • Navigate to Settings > Customizations
  • Click 'Customize the System'
  • Click 'SDK Message Processing Steps' on the left hand navigation
  • Set a filter on the list view to only show all records where the name contains 'North52'
  • Select all records & click the Deactivate button. 

Did you know?

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As well as being scheduled, or triggered from build pipelines, TestShield automated tests can be triggered manually for a quick mid-sprint regression test. This allows for quick testing of alternative ways to implement a requirement and measure the impact on existing processes. 

It's quick to clone an existing test and try variations without affecting the original test set up too.

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