The first time a user creates a new formula a list of all the published entities is retrieved & stored in the browsers internal cache. The operation to retrieve the list of entities is expensive in terms of time so by caching the list of entities we subsequently speed up all future page load times.

However this does mean that if you add a new entity it will not automatically appear in the Source Entity list. The following steps will help you to refresh this cache.

  • Open any formula within Dynamics 365
  • Next click on the ribbon 'N52 Commands' button on the ribbon.
  • Then click on the 'Refresh' menu option
  • Close the formula
  • Now when you open any formula you will see a refreshed cache list.



  • As the caching is browser specific each user of the system needs to do this on their own machine to get the list of entities refreshed.
  • You will also need to have clicked the standard 'Publish All Customization' button as well to the formula to execute against the new entity