A nested exception is where a formula is performing an update on the CRM system & fails because the update triggered another business rule (e.g. formula, real-time workflow, custom plug-in etc.) to fire which ultimately failed.  In order to see this nested exception we need to enable a specific tracing level. 

Typically what you see in the North52 trace log is the following message with no further details, 

"Unhandled Exception: Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.InvalidPluginExecutionException: An error has occurred in North52 FormulaManager."

List of the possible sources that a nested exception is being thrown,

  •  Another formula
  •  Real-time Workflows
  •  Custom Plug-In
  •  Data Integration such as Scribe, Simego, etc.

Capturing Nested Exceptions

In order to capture the nested exception we need to turn on tracing. The steps below will show you how to do this,

  • Navigate to the North52 Configuration record
  • Change the Tracing Level picklist to Information (Show Exception Details)
  • Click Save
  • Perform the action that caused the failure to see the nested exception details


Note 1 : 

After you perform a logging session always turn logging off

Note 2 :

 This tracing level does not create records in the N52 Trace entity. It just shows additional nested trace information as part of the standard trace download that Microsoft provide