Platform Limitations


Note 1:
Microsoft have built-in several platform level limitations to Dynamics 365.  The two below related to any piece of code executing with the Microsoft Sandbox. 

  • Two minute time-out for any code executing in a plugin
  • Eight levels of recursion (infinite loop detection) with a 1 hour rest interval

Note 2:
As the North52 Scheduler uses a recursive workflow for its processing it means that the lowest setting a schedule can be set for is 1 hour interval. We do allow you to set the interval to run every 1 minute but that is just for testing purposes.



Note 3:
Microsoft have special behaviour associated with the Save & Close button on forms. Therefore we do not officially support configuring the OnSave event on a form to a North52 client-side formula when clicking the Save & Close button. The alternative to this is to execute the formula server-side where it will always run no matter what buttton the user clicks.