Deploying Schedules

Schedules are deployed the same way as formulas in that they are packaged in a solution which is then exported from one system and imported into another. See this KB article for more details, 

First Time Deployment 

After you deploy a Schedule for the first time you will need to Start the Schedule. Please follow these steps,

  • Review the Schedule Next Run Date Time field so you are happy with it. If necessary change its value.
  • Then click 'N52 Commands' -> 'Start Schedule'

This process needs to be complete for each Schedule that you have.

Subsequent Schedule Deployment

There is no need to Stop & Start a Schedule after the first deployment. The system will automatically pick up any changes that have occurred when it next executes.  

Schedule Updates

If you wanted to change something on the Schedule like the Next Run Date Time for instance if you needed to change the Schedule from running at 2am to 4am every night. Then you would need to,

  • Open the Schedule record
  • Then click 'N52 Commands' -> 'Stop Schedule'  
  • Make the necessary change(s)
  • Then click 'N52 Commands' -> 'Start Schedule'