Scenario Overview

In this scenario we have an 8 working hours service level agreement (SLA) for cases. When a new case is created we need to calculate and set the Case Due Date taking into account business hours and working days.

This scenario could be implemented as a North52 Formula or a North52 Process Genie – we are going to outline the Process Genie solution below.

North52 Process Genie Solution

The Process Genie works like this:

  • Workflow is triggered off the Case record being created
  • The Process Genie workflow step contains a reference to the Process Genie formula (via the Formula Short Code)
  • The Process Genie formula executes and using the GetNextWorkingTime function returns a date/time value to the workflow. The GetNextWorkingTime function takes into account the Business Closures calendar (Navigate to your environment
    In the right hand top corner, click on the cog wheel and select Advanced settings > Settings > Business Management > Business Closures)
  • The update record step takes the value returned by the Process Genie formula and updates the Case Follow Up By field

North52 Process Genie Steps

The following steps outline how to create this formula and the associated workflow with the Process Genie.

Create the Formula

  • Create a new North52 Formula record, to open the Formula Guide
  • Set Select Entity to be Case
  • Set Select Formula Type to be Process Genie
  • Set Select Editor to be Classic
  • Click the Create button


  • On the Register tab set the Display Format to Date & Time

  • Click the Functions tab
  • Enter Next into the Search Functions field
  • Hold the Shift key and click on the GetNextWorkingTime function name

  • The function wizard will show from the right of the editor canvas, complete the wizard:
    • Start Date - we want the start date to be the time of execution of the formula so we will use another North52 function for this field.
      • Click inside the Start Date field to place the cursor there
      • Back on the Functions tab, replace the text and enter localdate in the Search Function field
      • Click on the LocalDateTime() function name. This will add it to the Start Date field of the wizard form
    • Business Calendar - select true from the dropdown list. This tells the function to use the closures in the business calendar as part of the calculation.
    • Day Start Time - enter 09:00
    • Day End Time - enter 17:30
    • Number of Minutes - enter 480. 480 minutes is 8 hours. 
    • Click the Generate button to add the function with parameters completed to the formula editor canvas

  • Save your formula
  • Take a note of the Formula Short Code (top right of the form)

Create the Workflow

  • Create a new workflow process for the Case entity to trigger on create of a new Case being created
  • Add a step using the custom workflow activity North52 > N52 Process Genie, click the Set Properties button and add the formula Short Code in the Formula ShortCode input property field


  • Add an update step in your workflow for the Case record and set the Follow Up By field to the result returned by the previous step



  • Save and Activate your workflow
  • Test on a new Case record



GetNextWorkingTime(LocalDateTime(), true, '9:00', '17:30', '480')  /*480 minutes = 8 hours */