Process Genie transforms what you can do with Microsoft Dynamics 365 processes

Instead of building custom workflow activities, or relying on a 3rd party workflow activity library you can use all the power of Formulas (including Decision Tables) as a step within a Dynamics 365 process. North52 Process Genie is a custom workflow activity that references a North52 Formula to enable the execution of complex business rules within a Dynamics 365 process.

Key Features

No-code custom workflow actions

Combined with the Real-time Workflows in CRM 2013+ Process Genie is immensely powerful – many things you would have done in the past which required a developer and custom code can be done with Process Genie, saving you time and money.

All CRM processes supported

Process Genie works with all CRM Process types, Real-time and Background Workflows, Dialogs and Actions.

Supercharge your workflows

With over 450 functions at your disposal you will struggle to find something you can’t do in your Workflow, Dialog and Action processes. If for some reason Process Genie does not deliver on your needs, let us know and we will add it our roadmap.

Easy setup

It’s easy to set up and takes just 2 or 3 simple steps to use Process Genie in your CRM Process:

  1. Create your Process Genie Formula
  2. Add the Process Genie step in your CRM Process and reference your Process Genie Formula via it's shortcode
  3. (Optional) Use the result of the Process Genie Formula in following steps of your process


See an example of Process Genie in this xRM Sample: Managing Case Service Level Agreements (SLAs)