WebFusion enables you to connect your Dynamics 365/CRM system to thousands of REST-ful web services. It enables migration and integration services  between Dynamics 365/CRM and any application or data source that exposes a REST based Web Services API. It enables two-way data communication between your Dynamics 365/CRM system and another service or application. 

WebFusion is delivered via a set of North52 functions which allows you to interact with REST based web services with a no-code approach.

Key Features

Data Integration 

Enable end-users to design integration processes where a REST based Web Service is provided.

No Code Solution

Allows CRM consultants and developers to configure web services for migrations and integrations through functions and so enabling a no-code solution.

JSON / XML Data Generation

A CRM consultant/developer can create a JSON or XML document easily from any data within Dynamics 365 to use as part of the Web Service.

Native Web Services

A set of built in Web Services are provided for easy access to services such as Bing Translate, Bing Geocode and Open Exchange Rates.

Native to Dynamics 365

WebFusion has been built into Dynamics 365/CRM so there is no need for external programs. It uses the native Dynamics 365 sandbox for its operations.

High Performance

Built for the most intense Dynamics 365/CRM operations across plugins, workflows, actions and dialogs.

Typical Scenarios

3rd Party Web Services 

Integrate Dynamics 365/CRM with commercial 3rd party web services such as Melissa Data for address validation, Twillio for SMS services or HTMLPDF API for document generation.

Microsoft SharePoint/Azure

Integrate Dynamics 365/CRM with Microsoft SharePoint. and Microsoft Azure.

Internal Web Services 

Connect your Dynamics 365/CRM system to any internal REST based service to send or receive data to applications such as HR, ERP, etc.