This is a follow on article from Execute Formula - Button on Form. 

In this article we will attach a ribbon button to a list view on Dynamics 365.

Note: After version North52 supports calling other formula types like this, but only ClientSide - Calculation will allow you to return a response to the calling screen.

Step 1: Configure the N52 Formula


The below formula will clone the existing Quote.

Step 2: Add the Quick Ribbon to the entity using Ribbon Workbench.

Open the Workbench and connect to your instance of Dynamics 365.

We have created a solution with just the Quote entity added to it. 


Configure a Command by clicking on the + icon. We change the name to new.quote.N52.ListViewCloneCommand.


Again we will be adding 4 JavaScript Actions to this button. 


The first three will be used to load N52 support files on the button and the fourth will be used to execute the formula.

  • $webresource:north52_/javascript/
  • $webresource:north52_/javascript/n52.json2 
  • $webresource:north52_/javascript/n52.clientside

The function name should be set to isNaN 


The fourth Javascript Action will use $webresource:north52_quick_ribbon.js and the function should be set to N52QuickRibbon.ExecuteFormulaOnView.


Unlike the form, we will be passing in 4 parameters instead of just one.

  • Crm Parameter: SelectedControlSelectedItemsIds 
  • Crm Parameter: SelectedEntityTypeName  
  • Crm Parameter: UserLcid   
  • String Parameter: shortcode of the formula


Drag a button onto the form. We set the ID to be  new.quote.N52.ListViewCloneButton and name it Clone Quotes.
Set the Command to be the newly created command. For this example, we will use the create new order icon.


Publish the Solution to Dynamics 365.

List of Quote on Dynamics 365

On the below link there are 8 quote records, we select them all and then click on the Clone Quotes Button. 

When we refresh the list we can see that all 8 quotes have been duplicated.