If you would like to use sample tiles in your CRM as shown in the image above, or would like a Quick Tile formula to use as a template for your own rules we have an solution that you can easily import. The solution is unmanaged and contains one web resource which is converted to a North52 formula after import. Please follow the steps below:

  • Download the solution file
  • Import the solution file into your CRM
  • Click the Publish All Customizations button at the end of the import process
  • Navigate to Settings > North52 > N52 Formula and locate the new formula called Account - Quick Tile Sample
  • Open the formula and copy the Formula Shortcode from the top right of the form
  • Follow the configuration instructions outlined in this article, setting the number of rows in the web resource properties to 6

You can modify or clone this formula to meet your own business requirements. If you need any help please contact

Please note that you need a paid BPA license that allows you to use the Decision Table functionality in order to get this working.