The Eventbrite Integration App from North52 is a ready-go-to solution for Microsoft CRM 2013/2015/2016/365 that allows you to integrate Eventbrite directly into your Dynamics CRM implementation. The solution makes use of the Eventbrite REST API (Web-Services) to extract data from the Eventbrite platform and store in your CRM system.

The integrations primary purpose is to create & update Events and Attendees from Eventrbite into Dynamics CRM entities.

Solution Items

  • Entity to store Events
  • Entity to store Attendees
  • N52 Formula to Sync. Events via the Eventbrite API
  • N52 Formula to Sync. Attendees of Events via the Eventbrite API
  • N52 Formula to create / update Contacts
  • N52 Schedule to call Sync. Events formula on an hourly basis
  • N52 Schedule to call Sync. Attendees formula on an hourly basis

Event Form 

Install Process

  1. Ensure North52 BPA v1.0.0.470 or higher is installed
  2. Download the solution file from the app home page
  3. Logon to CRM & navigate to the solutions list
  4. Click import and choose the downloaded solution file to import
  5. Take all the default options during the install process
  6. After the import completes click 'Publish All' this will create the North52 formulas & schedules

Configuration Process

Step 1 - Retrieve and set your Organizer ID

  1. Logon to Eventbrite
  2. Click the menu option 'My Organizer Profile' in the top right hand corner menu
  3. Locate your Organizer ID as shown in the screenshot below (the numeric part)
  4. Open the formula named 'Eventbrite Sync Events by Organizer'
  5. Change the default Organizer ID of '1234567890' to your Organizer ID

Step 2 - Retrieve and set your Authentication Token

  1. Navigate to either or
  2. Login with your Eventbrite details if requested to do so
  3. Click the 'Get an App Key' button
  4. Click the 'Create a New App' button
  5. Fill out the required fields and click the 'Create Key' button
  6. Copy the Token beside the label 'Your personal OAuth token'
  7. Open the formulas named 'Eventbrite Sync Events by Organizer' and 'Eventbrite - Sync. Attendees by Event'
  8. Change the default Token of 'abcdefghijk' to your Token

Step 3 - Add the Process Genie Step to the Action

The Eventbrite App uses an Action Process as part of solution. But due to a recurring bug in Dynamics CRM you cannot import solutions with actions if a plugin or custom workflow activity is connected to the Action. This is the case with the Action that we ship as there is Process Genie step in the Action.

So to temporarily resolve the issue we have removed the reference to the Process Genie so the solution can be imported. However this means that after importing the solution you will need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Processes
  2. Open the Action named 'Eventbrite Sync Events by Organizer'
  3. Add a N52 Process Genie step
  4. Set its short-code to Nmx
  5. Click save & activate the Action.

Note : If you need any assistance with this please contact

Finally please consider up voting this bug to get Microsoft to fix the bug,

Step 4 - Start the Schedules

  1. Navigate to the list of North52 Schedules
  2. Open the Schedule with the name 'Eventbrite Sync Events by Organizer'
  3. Change the Next Run Time field to be a datetime in the near future today (e.g. its now 14:12 set the time to 14:30)
  4. On the command bar click 'N52 Commands -> Start Schedule'
  5. Open the Schedule with the name Eventbrite - Sync. Attendees by Event
  6. Change the Next Run Time field to be a datetime in the near future today but 5 minutes later than Step 3 above
  7. On the command bar click 'N52 Commands -> Start Schedule'


Now wait until the Next Run Date time that you set and when this has passed run an Advanced Find on the Eventbrite Events and Eventbrite Attendees to ensure the data is getting transferred across.