The SMS App from North52 is a ready-go-to solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM 2013/2015/2016 that allows you to send SMS messages via the user interface or a workflow. 

The solution comes preconfigured with a custom SMS activity entity and all the Business Process Activities required to send SMS messages via the Twilio gateway ( However, we are not bound to Twilio and you could use any SMS gateway with a REST API e.g. BulkSMS, Esendex, SMSGlobal.

All you need to do is set up a Twilio account and install the solution on your CRM system.  There is of course the pre-requisite of North52 Business Process Activities being installed (v1.0.0.460 or higher) - if you don't have North52 BPA installed please download from here.  Note that you will need the paid version of North52 BPA to use the solution as provided - you can request a trial key here.


  1. Install North52 BPA (v1.0.0.471 or higher) - Download
  2. Install the North52 SMS AppDownload
  3. Publish all customizations 
  4. Set up a Twilio account -
  5. Obtain your Twilio Number, and API keys (AccountSid and Auth Token)
  6. Navigate to Settings > Solutions > North52 BPA menu > xCache List View
  7. Open each of the Twilio_AccountSID, Twilio_AuthToken and Twilio_Number xCache records and replace the values with those from your Twilio account
  8. You are ready to Send you first SMS!


  1. Navigate to a contact record and input your mobile number (Format with a '+' and country code e.g., +16175551212 (E.164 format). For 'To' numbers without a '+', Twilio will use the same country code as the 'From' number. Twilio will also attempt to handle locally formatted numbers for that country code (e.g. (415) 555-1212 for US, 07400123456 for GB). If you are sending to a different country than the 'From' number, you must include a '+' and the country code to ensure proper delivery.)
  2. From the Social Pane, click the Activities tab, click the ellipsis (...) to reveal the drop down menu and click on the SMS option.  Alternatively, click on the Activities related entity menu option and select SMS from the Add New Activity menu.
  3. Enter a message in the Message field and click Send SMS to complete the activity and send the SMS. You can also click save and later on send the message.

Additional information

  • The solution includes a sample workflow so you can see how to send SMS messages via a workflow
  • Use the Scheduler function in combination with a workflow to bulk send SMS messages
  • The solution is un-managed and all elements are customisable so that you can change it easily to make it work the way you want to. 

What's in the solution?

  • SMS custom activity entity and icons
  • 3 xCache records for the Twilio parameters
  • 4 Formulas
    • Send SMS - sends the SMS message using the WebFusion function
    • Set mobile from To contact - retrieves the mobile number from the contact specified in the To field of the SMS activity record
    • Update Subject from message - automatically sets the Subject of the SMS activity record from the first 100 characters of the message
    • Validation - ensures that only one To recipient is specified in the To field