As of release version 510, North52 Decision Tables support multiple ClientSide actions directly from the Action columns on your Decision Table.

With this functionality you can set ClientSide functions against specific fields, make changes to the form and even execute ServerSide functionality concurrently.

Formula Type

If you want to use a ClientSide Decision Table then you must set the formula type to ClientSide - Perform Action
Note : Its useful to check your Decision Sheet is set to by right clicking and selecting Set Sheet Options

Note: With all ClientSide formulas you must click on N52 Commands -> Publish Formula after saving to publish the formula to the relevant entity forms.

Source Settings

As with North52 Classic client side Formulas you can register the Decision Table against the various forms on your entity executing as OnLoad OnSave etc. as well as OnChange of various fields. In the example below you can see the Decision Table triggers have been set for OnLoad of the main Account Form (*** Account Events ***) and will also fire when the website field is changed.


ClientSide Example/Exercise - Fields

In this simple example we will hide the Fax field on the main account form if the Phone does not contain data:

Click on Cell A2 (1) in the Decision Table and then click the Source Tab (2) in the configuration pane. In the search field type phone and press enter (3). Then click on Main Phone from under the Source node (4):

Next click on Cell B3 and add Fax here using the same steps as above. When you are finished your Decision Table should look like the following:

Click on Cell A4 and select the Functions Tab. Enter 'doesnot' into the search field and press enter. Hold down the CTRL key and click on the function name. {{{DoesNotContainData}}} will be inserted in Cell A3. Click on Cell B4 and control-click on the HideField function, {{{HideFields}}} will be inserted in Cell B4

When the field Main Phone does not contain data then the Fax field will be hidden.

ClientSide Example/Exercise - Form Actions

We are going to extend the above example slightly to add a form notification that the Fax field has been hidden.

Add another Action column to the Decision Table

Click in cell C4, select the Functions tab, enter SetFor in the search field and press enter:

  • Shift-click the SetFormNotification function to open the function wizard
  • Leave the Friendly Name field blank as we are going to insert the function directly into the cell for this example. If we wanted to show a more friendly name and move the function logic to the Global Actions sheet we would enter a name here and select Action from the Type drop down
  • In the Message field type The Fax field has been hidden!
  • Select INFO for the Level
  • Enter msg1 in the UniqueID field
  • Click Generate

Click Save

Test the formula and you should see that when the Main Phone field does not contain data a message will be displayed on the form and the Fax field will be hidden. You can add as many ClientSide functions together like this as you wish.

Server Side Functionality

It is possible to create ServerSide actions that will execute along side the ClientSide functionality. You can see an example of this here: 
xRM-Formula #164 Audit log of Users who access Invoices