Multi-Sheet Decision Tables allow you to take complex business requirements and break them down into constituent sets of business rules. It does this by allowing you to have multiple decision sheets with the formula. This can useful for both making your Decision Table logic more readable as well as separation of different entitlement criteria.

For this article it is assumed that you have at least basic familiarity with Decision Tables and/or have read the following articles:

Note: We will not detail step-by-step instructions here on how to set up Conditions or Actions, please read the above articles if you need detailed configuration steps.

Setting up a Multi-Sheet Decision Table

If you are in the Classic editor mode click on Commands and then on Toggle Editor to change to the Decision Table editor.


Right-click on the Decision Table and the Context-Menu will show, from this select Insert > Insert Decision Table

This will add a second Decision Sheet:

This is now a Multiple-Sheet Decision Table.

Renaming Sheets

To rename a Decision Sheet double click on the sheet name.

The text will become editable and you can enter the new name for the sheet.

Once the sheet is renamed just click off the field and the sheet name will be changed to the new value. 

Decision Table Calculations

Each Sheet in the Multi-Sheet Decision Table can generate results and these may need to be accessed from other Sheets.
These will show up under the Decision Table Calculations node on the Source tab of the configuration pane.

They are broken down by the Sheet they on and listed by name. In the below example Age - Gender Risk is the name of the calculation on the Age - Gender​​​​​​​ sheet.

These are separate and distinct from Global Calculations.

How to set up Decision Table Calculations

  • Right-click on the Decision Table and select  Insert > Insert Inline Calculation (==)
  • Replace the Set Name placeholder text with something relevant to your needs 
  • This Calculation Name will now appear in the Decision Table Calculations node of the Source tab

In the example below we are marking Discount % as a Decision Table Calculation

This Decision Table Calculation is now available to be used in other Decision Table Sheets.

Copying Entire Decision Table Sheets

It is possible to copy an entire Decision Table Sheet within the same Multi-Sheet Decision Table.

To do this:

  • Right-click on the Decision Table and select  Insert > Insert Duplicate Decision Table
  • The entire Decision Table Sheet will be duplicated 
  • Rename the copied sheet to something meaningful to your needs