Scenario Overview

Many businesses import data from outside sources and they often will require either validation or clean up of said data. The below example details how any data that is imported in CRM can be put under strict validation rules or undergo any clean up process that may be required. 

This example shows how to set up a Decision Table to perform validation checks on imported data. An Example of a typical data set is below:

This example will use the following business rules:

Rule 1: 

The Renew Date column must contain Data
Rule 2:

The Amount column must contain Data
Rule 3:

The Account Type column must contain Data
Rule 4:

This import update will be matched to the existing Account entity via the Reference Number 
Rule 5:

Duplicates of this update are not allowed
Rule 6:

Only matching Account types are allowed
Rule 7:

All validation failures will create a relevant error message in the field Status Message
on the Integration Account entity
Rule 8:

If all validation passes, update a field in the Account entity with the next working day after 
the renew date - this field will be called new_nextworkingdayfromimport

North52 Decision Suite Overview

The North52 Decision Suite solution works like this: 

  • A custom entity called External Integration is created with the following fields:  Amount, Reference Number, Status Message, Type Number, Renew Date
  • The data is imported into this entity
  • A North52 formula is set to trigger upon the creation of an External Integration record
  • This formula will perform the validation checks and update any relevant fields

North52 Decision Suite Solution

The following set of steps outline how to create this Formula:  

  • A formula of type 'Save - Perform Action' is created
  • The Mode is set to 'Server Side'
  • The Event is set to 'Create'
  • The Source Entity is set to 'Integration Account'
  • The Source Property is set to 'All Properties'
  • Switch to the Decision Table editor by selecting Toggle Editor from the Command menu

Decision Table


Calculations Table

The Calculations Table has 4 actions to execute as part of this Decision Table:

  • UpdateAccount - Updates the Account entity : Sets its custom field nextworkingdayfromimport to the next working day
  • FindCount - Account - Counts up how many Accounts match the criteria of Account number Reference Number
  • FindType-Account -  Brings back the value of the Description field in the Account entity where the Account number Reference number
  • GetNextWorkingDay  -  Calculates the next working day 



               'accountid','?','true') , 
  SetAttribute( 'new_nextworkingdayfromimport', GetVar('GetNextWorkingDay') )

FindCount - Account




Did you know?

Decision Tables Enable Responsive Businesses

You can make, test, and deploy changes to decision logic without software development. Rather that waiting weeks or months for internal or external developers to make needed updates and changes, they can be made by business analysts as they are needed.

Decision Tables within the North52 Decision Suite provide a business-friendly representation of the decision logic so that business analysts can define how the decisions are made. As you define your decision, you can test and validate the decision approach and when ready, deploy the decision logic to your production instance.

Learn more about the North52 Decision Tables