Scenario Overview

In this scenario we need users creating/updating an Opportunity to fill out different Forms depending on the size of the Opportunity's estimated revenue.

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • A formula of type 'ClientSide - Perform Action' is created that triggers whenever the 'Estimated Revenuefield is populated or changed on any of the 3 Opportunity forms.
    • The 3 Forms are the default Opportunity form, the Large Opportunity Form and the Small Opportunity form. 
  • The formula checks the value entered into the 'Estimate Revenue' field against its condition statements.
  • The formula saves the information entered so far into the Form and loads up the new Opportunity Form that is required. 
Note: For these steps, it is presumed you have created the 2 custom Forms needed and called them Large Opportunity and Small Opportunity 

N52 Formula Manager Steps


  • Create a new formula of type 'ClientSide - Perform Action'
  • Set Event to 'Create and Update'
  • Set Source Entity to 'Opportunity'
  • Source Property: Ctrl+Click OnLoad , OnSave and Est Revenue under the section ***Small Opportunity Events*** 
  • Scroll down to *** Large Opportunity Events *** and Ctrl+Click OnLoad  , OnSave and Est Revenue
  • Continue scrolling down to *** Opportunity Events ***  and Ctrl+Click OnLoad , OnSave and Est Revenue
  • If not already in Decision Table mode, click on the Commands dropdown and select Toggle Editor 
  • Right click on cell A2 and select Insert > Insert Condition
  • Click cell A2 and go to the Function tab
  • Search for "Contain"
  • Shift click Contain to open up its wizard
  • For Friendly Name , type "Field Change"
  • For Input String, go to the Function tab and search for GetSourceChangeList and click on it
  •  For String to Find, go to the Source tab and expand Source.
  • Search for "Est. Revenue" and Ctrl + Click it. 
    • You should now have the value 'estimatedvalue' in String To Find 
  • Click Generate
  • In cell A4 , type True
  • Select cell Bunder the second Condition column and click on the Source tab 
  • Click on "Est. Revenue" again
  • In cell B5 enter >1000000
  • Right-click on cell Cand select Set Action Column Options > Set ClientSide Action
  • Right-click on cell C2 again and select Insert Action 
  • Right-click on cell Dand select Set Action Column Options > Set ClientSide Action
  • Click on cell Cand click on the Function tab
  • Search for 'FormSave' and select FormSave()
  • Click on cell D5 and click on the Function tab
  • Search for 'Select' and shift-click on SelectFormByName to open its wizard:
    • Friendly Name: enter Change form to Large Opportunity
    • Form Name: enter Large Opportunity
    • Click Generate
  • Click on cell D6 and shift-click on SelectFormByName to open its wizard:
    • Friendly Name: enter Change form to Small Opportunity
    • Form Name: enter Small Opportunity
    • Click Generate
  • Click Save
  • Go to the N52 COMMANDS menu and select Publish Formula