Scenario Overview

In this scenario we will demonstrate how to quickly and easily set up a Decision Table based around Credit Cards.

For this article it is assumed that you have at least basic familiarity with Decision Tables and/or have read the following articles:

We will use the following custom fields on the Contact entity to decide if a customer is entitled to a Platinum Credit card:

  • Annual Income
  • Total Assets of Applicant
  • Credit Score

If a customer matches any of the scenarios below then they are entitled to a Platinum credit card.
As you can see there are 12 possible combinations each with 3 variables to check which means 36 data points to check.

The easiest and fastest way to achieve the desired functionality is with a North52 Decision Table.

Annual Income
Total Assets
Credit Score
< 100000< 500000> 188
< 100000Between 50000 and 100000> 180
< 100000> 1000000> 172
Between 100000 and 150000< 500000> 164
Between 100000 and 150000Between 50000 and 100000> 159
Between 100000 and 150000> 1000000> 151
Between 150000 and 200000< 500000> 145
Between 150000 and 200000Between 50000 and 100000> 134
Between 150000 and 200000> 1000000> 131
> 200000< 500000> 124
> 200000Between 50000 and 100000> 120
> 200000> 1000000> 112


N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • A new North 52 Formula of type 'Save - Perform Action' is created on the Contact entity
  • The Source Properties for this formula are 'Annual Income', 'Total Assets of Applicant' and 'Credit Score'
  • Set the Event to be 'Create & Update'
  • Switch the North52 formula to the Decision Table editor (Commands > Toggle Editor)
  • Add 2 additional Condition Columns and set the 3 Columns to check against the Annual Income, Total Assets and Credit Score
  • Set the Action Column to update the Credit Card field.



  • Finally we add the condition values to the to Decision Table editor and save

Note: The ((150000, 200000)) syntax is inclusive of 150000 and 200000.

Testing the Decision Table

We open a Contact record and set the following fields and values

  • Annual Income to €120,000
  • Total Assets of Application to €440,000
  • Credit Score to 174

When we click Save the Decision Table updates the Credit Card Type accordingly to Platinum