Returns a sub-string based on a split character or characters and index.


Split('inputstring', 'chartosplit', 'index')


Example 1

Input string split by the '.' character and returns the first index position at 0. 

Split('', '.', 0) Returns 'microsoft'


Example 2

Input string split by multiple  'XX' characters and returns the third index position at 2. 

Split('microsoftXXnorth52XXibm', 'XX', 2) Returns 'ibm'


Example 3

Input string split by the 'o' character but this time no real index position supplied so we return the full split string delimited by the pipe character

Split('', 'o', -1) Returns 'micr|s|ft.n|'



Name Type Description Required
inputstring xxxx xxxx xxxx
chartosplit xxxx xxxx xxxx
index xxxx xxxx xxxx