Returns the localized string name for the optionset defined by 'entitylogicalname.attributelogicalname' and optionsetvalue based on the langauge settings for the current user. You can also pass in language code (LCID).


GetOptionSetName('entitylogicalname.attributelogicalname', 'optionsetvalue')


GetOptionSetName('opportunity.rating', 1) Returns 'Hot'


Name Type Description Required
entitylogicalname.attributelogicalname xxxx xxxx xxxx
optionsetvalue xxxx xxxx xxxx
Comments (2)
  • Note that this will not currently (build v564) work with Status Reason "optionsets" since they are a different underlying data type on the Dynamics platform (StatusAttribute versus PicklistAttribute).

    The following yields a casting exception:
    GetOptionSetName('account.statuscode', [account.statuscode])
  • You are correct this function only supports PicklistAttribute. 

    However an easier way to get at the data you want is to use the FormattedValues property bag. So to get the label of the OptionSet Value that you want just post-fix  '_fmt' to the reference as shown below.