Finds a value in any field on any entity based on 1 or more search criteria. Note that the defaultvalue parameter is optional.

Find on the account entity the description property where the name equals Microsoft.



Example 1

FindValue('account', 'name', 'Microsoft', 'description', 'Not Found', false)
 Returns 'Microsofts Dynamics 365 Rocks.'

Example 2

You can also pass in parameters to the function

FindValue('account', 'name', [account.parentaccountname], 'description', 'Not Found') 
 Returns 'North52 BPA Rocks.'

Example 3

You can search based on multiple input parameters.

  SetFindAnd('name', 'accountnumber'),
  SetFindAnd('north52', 'Acc-100452'), 

Note 1: By default the nolock parameter is set to false
Note 2: By default the cacheenabled parameter is set to true. When using formulas of type Process Genie it may be useful to set this parameter to false if you need to bypass the cache and go directly to the database each time it is invoked within the lifetime of the workflow.



Name Type Description Required
entitylogicalname xxxx xxxx xxxx
inputfieldname xxxx xxxx xxxx
inputfieldvalue xxxx xxxx xxxx
outputfieldname xxxx xxxx xxxx
defaultvalue xxxx xxxx xxxx
nolock xxxx xxxx xxxx
cacheenabled xxxx xxxx xxxx