Returns true if the passed date is a working day.

Uses a Monday - Friday work week by default and the records defined in the business close calendar within CRM.

Signature 1


Signature 2

IsWorkingDay('datetocheck', 'usebusinesscalendar', 'workingday1', 'workingday2', 'workingday3', 'workingday4', 'workingday5')


Example 1

IsWorkingDay('06/04/2012') Returns true

Example 2

Shows how to change the days in the working week to a different set. Such as those in the UAE.

IsWorkingDay('06/04/2012', true, 'sunday', 'monday', 'tuesday', 'wednesday', 'thursday') Returns true

Example 3

Shows how to have a 7 day working week

IsWorkingDay('06/04/2012', true, 'sunday', 'monday', 'tuesday', 'wednesday', 'thursday', 'friday', 'saturday') Returns true


Name Type Description Required
startdate xxxx xxxx xxxx