Sets the available picklist values.

Primarily used to filter picklist when they are dependent on another field.

The first parameter is the optionset field name, the second is a boolean which if true will include an empty option set value.
For records with no saved optionset value the first item in the list will be the default if the empty parameter does not exist.

Then you can pass in a list of optionset values, only these will display in the picklist.


SetPicklistValues('field', 'emptyvalue', 'optionsetvalue', 'optionsetvalue')


SetPicklistValues('address1_shippingmethodcode', 'true', 1,2,3)


Name Type Description Required
controlname xxxx xxxx xxxx
entitylogicalname xxxx xxxx xxxx
nameofview xxxx xxxx xxxx
FetchXml xxxx xxxx xxxx
LayoutXml xxxx xxxx xxxx
isDefault xxxx xxxx xxxx


Microsoft APIs

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