Sets the form notification.

The level parameters are ERROR, WARNING, INFO.


SetFormNotification('message', 'level', 'uniqueID')


SetFormNotification('Account over due', 'WARNING', 'msg1')

Updated Entities for CRM 2013 Only.

Portal Functionality Examples

Portal Signature 1

SetFormNoftification on the Portal accepts a minimum of 3 parameters like the example above.

SetFormNotification('message', 'level', 'uniqueID') 

Portal Example 1

SetFormNotification('Account over due', 'WARNING', 'msg1')

Portal Signature 2 - Fadeout

You can add additional parameters to enhance SetFormNotification on the Portal:

SetFormNotification('message', 'level', 'uniqueID', 'fadeout') 

With fadeout specified the message will remain onscreen for a specified number of seconds. Without fadeout the message remains unless it is removed with the ClearFormNotification('uniqueID') function.

Portal Example 2 - Fadeout

SetFormNotification('Account over due', 'WARNING', 'msg1', '7')

The message will remain on the form for 7 seconds in this example.

Portal Signature 3 - Positioning


Using targetid and position(top/below) you can specify if you want the message to appear above or below a specific element id on the page.

Portal Signature 4 - Labeling

The message will appear above the customertypecode_label element on the portal form and will not fadeout.

If a targetid is not specified the notification will appear above the page header by default.

  'Account over due', 

Microsoft APIs

This North52 function relates to the following Microsoft APIs: