Sets the form notification.

The level parameters are ERROR, WARNING, INFO.


SetFormNotification('message', 'level', 'uniqueID')


SetFormNotification('Account over due', 'WARNING', 'msg1')

Updated Entities for CRM 2013 Only.

Portal Functionality Signatures

SetFormNoftification on the Portal accepts a minimum of 3 parameters like the example above. 

SetFormNotification('Account over due', 'WARNING', 'msg1')

You can add additional parameters to enhance SetFormNotification on the Portal:

SetFormNotification('message', 'level', 'uniqueID', 'fadeout'

With fadeout specified the message will remain onscreen for a specified number of seconds. Without fadeout the message remains unless it is removed with the ClearFormNotification('uniqueID') function.

SetFormNotification('Account over due', 'WARNING', 'msg1', '7')

The message will remain on the form for 7 seconds in this example.

SetFormNotification('message', 'level, 'uniqueID', 'fadeout', targetid, 'position')

Using targetid and position(top/below) you can specify if you want the message to appear above or below a specific element id on the page.

SetFormNotification('Account over due', 'WARNING', 'msg1', '', 'customertypecode_label', 'top')

The message will appear above the customertypecode_label element on the portal form and will not fadeout.

If a targetid is not specified the notification will appear above the page header by default.


Name Type Description Required
message xxxx xxxx xxxx
level xxxx xxxx xxxx
uniqueID xxxx xxxx xxxx