Scenario Overview

In your business, you may wish to hide certain fields/sections depending on the Form type the user is using. 

In this scenario, we are required to hide the Address Section when a user accesses CRM via the Update Form Type. 

North52 Decision Suite Solution

The North52 Decision Suite solution works like this:

  • A formula of type 'ClientSide - Perform Action' will be created that will enact the bulk of the workload
  • The formula is triggered whenever an Account form is loaded
  • The formula will check the form type
  • If the form type is 'Update', the formula will hide the Address section

North52 Decision Suite Steps  

The following set of steps outline how to create this Formula:

  • Create a new formula of type ClientSide - Perform Action  
  • Set the Mode to 'ClientSide'
  • Set the Source Entity to 'Account'
  • Set the Source Property to OnLoad for all forms (hold Ctrl to multi-select) 
  • Go to the Formula editor
  • Copy and paste the formula below
  • Click Save



iftrue(GetFormType() = 2 ,

The different options for the Form Type are shown below


Wizard - HideSections

Please see below the wizard you can use to create the HideSections() function call used in this formula. 

Did you know?

You can create advanced rules for model driven app navigation (ribbon) buttons

North52's Decision Suite has functionality that we call Quick Ribbon that allows you associate a North52 Formula with a Ribbon button for model driven apps. 

You can execute advanced business logic using the North52 business rules engine for Dynamics 365. Scenarios include:

  • Click button to clone a record
  • Click button to execute a Formula for multiple records in a grid
  • Use Formula logic to enable/disable or show/hide a button

Learn more about Quick Ribbon