Scenario Overview

In this scenario every time the Primary Contact is changed on an Account, we wish for that Primary Contact's name to be saved to the Account's Description field. The function  FindValueQuickName provides an easy way to do this.

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this:

  • A formula of type 'Save-Perform Action' is created that triggers on create or updating of the Account entity's Primary Contact
  • The formula takes the new Contact's Name field and saves it to the Account Description field. 

N52 Formula Manager Steps


  • Create a new formula of type 'Save- Perform Action'
  • Set the Event to 'Create and Update'
  • Set the Source Entity to 'Account'
  • For Source Property select 'Primary Contact'
  • In the Formula Editor, paste in the Formula provided below
  • Click Save
  • The formula is now ready for testing 




Wizard - FindValueQuickName

Please see below the wizard you can use to create the FindValueQuickName() function call used in this formula. 

Note to find the value for ID Record to Find Name of , you will need to go to the Source tab , expand Source and search for contact 

Did you know?

You can create customized buttons to trigger complex business rules

North52's Decision Suite has functionality that we call Quick Buttons that allows you to place buttons on a form which when clicked will trigger a North52 Formula.  The business rule logic could be as simple as triggering a workflow or a much more complex process which involves many actions - the full power of the North52 business rules engine for Dynamics 365 can be used. 

The button's themselves can be subject to business rules, that show/hide, activate/deactivate or and/or change labels. This is configured using Decision Tables allowing complex decision logic to drive the button options that are presented to users.

Learn more about Quick Buttons