Scenario Overview

In this scenario we are required to make a simple CSV list of all Product Line items associated with an Opportunitywhenever the Topic field is changed or whenever a Quick Button is clicked. We will save this list into the Description field for simplicity in this example.

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • A formula of type 'Save - Perform Action' is created which triggers off both changes to a field Topic and clicking a Quick Button 
  • This formula creates a CSV list of all the Opportunity Products as a string variable
  • The formula then saves this variable to the Opportunity entity's Description field 

N52 Formula Manager Steps

Setup - Formula SetVarConcat

  • Create a new formula of type Save Perform Action
  • Set the Event to 'Create and Update'
  • Set Source Entity as 'Opportunity '
  • Set Source Property as 'Topic'
  • Click into the Formula Editor canvas
  • Copy and paste the formula below into the Formula Editor
  • Click Save

Now when you change the Topic in a Opportunity, the description will fill with a list of the Product Description (you may need to add a few  Product  Description  to see this ) 





                SetFindSelect('productdescription') ,

    SetVarConcat('CSV List', 
                CurrentRecord('productdescription') + ',')

          SetAttribute('description',Trim(GetVar('CSV List'),',') )


Setup - Quick Button

  • Create the Quick Button for this formula
  • Open the form designer of the Opportunity entity
  • Click on the Insert tab and click on Web Resource 
  • In the Web Resource field that appears, seach for "north52_quick_"
  • Select north52_quick_button_advanced_htm
  • Under Field Name and Properties, enter the name WebResource_SaveProductLinestoDescription
  • In the field Web Resources Properties > Custom Parameters(data) enter: