Scenario Overview

In this scenario when a Task is created in the system we need to find the latest note that is associated with the regarding field & place it into the description field on the Task record.

N52 Formula Manager Solution

The Formula Manager solution works like this,

  • A formula is created which executes on the create of a Task
  • The formula first checks to see if the regarding field has been set
  • If so it retrieves the fetch-xml & executes it to get a recordset 
  • We then retrieve from the first row of the recordset the notetext field
  • This field is then placed into the description field of the Task

N52 Formula Manager Steps

  • Create a new formula of type 'Save - To Current Record'
  • Set the Event to 'Create'
  • Set the Source Entity to 'Task'
  • Set the Target Property to 'Description'
  • Copy & paste the formula below into the formula description field & click save
  • Next scroll down to the formula detail grid & add a new record
  • Give it the name 'RetrieveLatestNote'
  • Copy & paste the fetch-xml below into the query field & click save
  • You are now ready to test



if( ContainsData([task.regardingobjectid]) , 

   FindRecordsValue( FindRecordsFetchXml( StringFormat(GetfetchXml('RetrieveLatestNote'),                  
                   [task.regardingobjectid]) ),


<fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" count="1" mapping="logical" distinct="false">
  <entity name="annotation">
    <attribute name="notetext" />
    <order attribute="modifiedon" descending="true" />
    <filter type="and">
      <condition attribute="objectid" operator="eq" value="{0}" />