Suggested by Ryan Maclean New 

Would it be possible to add JS based dialog/prompts (similar to those used in the Alert.js library (https://github.com/PaulNieuwelaar/alertjs/wiki/Documentation-v3.0#showprompt) that could be triggered by client-side formulas

This would be useful in situations where you want to display an actionable alert to Users and tie custom actions to the responses
Comments (2)
  • We do have this on the product back log already and we would like to do something like this but higher priority items keep pushing it down the list.

    Also given where Canvas apps are going it might be that Microsoft have already solved this problem and so we are really in a wait and see mode on this one.
  • Perhaps support for the native D365 "confirmDialog" function would go some way to achieving this, while remaining consistent N52 support for alertDialog: https://support.north52.com/ideas/bpa/10142367