Suggested by William Suycott New 

Often we need to inspect specific fields in the audit history and only want those returned instead of sifting through all of the changes in the audit history. This is a massive issue when using the Online version of Dynamics as the audit log is fine for looking at on a singular record, but if you want to see specific attribute changes from old to new on a REPORT type scale you are out of luck using the tools today.

Having the ability to add specific attributes to the FindRecordsAudit and FindRecordsAuditHtml gives the ability to be more discerning in the scope of results returned (i.e. FindRecordsAudit('entityname', 'recordguid', 'lastnumberofdays', 'numberofedits', 'formattedvalues', Attributes('statecode','probability','estimatedvalue')
In the above example the audit history would only return for change records from the 3 listed attributes statecode, probability, estimatedvalue. When attributes are set, then parameters such as numberofedits would be numberofedits related to the specific attribute(s) selected - so if the number was '1' the result would return the last audit for the statecode attribute, last audit record for the probability record, last audit for the estimatedvalue - 3 total rows would be returned with the results. lastnumberofdays would be applicable against all 3 attributes - so if only 1 changed in the last XX days then only 1 result is returned.