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Perhaps this already exists in some form I haven't yet figured out, but it would be great to be able to either wrap a formula with a try/catch (or in Excel syntax an IFERROR function).

This could allow additional logic to take place if formulas/plugins/workflows throw exceptions, or at minimum present a more user friendly error message than "...there was an error in North 52..."

Even if it were a separate field on the formula entity such as "Friendly Error Message" or similar. Ideally you could even configure this with multiple languages with the right language error message provided to the user based on their language (similar to how Portals does that fit Titles, etc)

If I've missed something existing please let me know
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  • We currently do not have an IFERROR() function or try \ catch syntax as these are generally used for catch all scenarios and we recommend to be more specific when responding \ handling errors.
    It should be super rare for a normal end user to see the error message "...there was an error in North 52..."
    All known scenarios should be handled in the formula itself. This error detection can then use the ThrowError() function to display a friendly message.

    • Example - ThrowError() function

    • Example - Friendly messages to end user using validation formulas

    • Example - how to handle invalid data so avoid an unknown exception

    If anyone needs further help or guidance on this topic  just drop an email to support@north52.com and one of us will help out.