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Allow formulas to be executed on the retrieve & retrievemultiple messages
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  • I have just this situation coming up.  We will have a Virtual Entity returning lots of rows from an external source.  I want to add that to a subgrid on a form for an existing entity and then add a field from that form as a filter in the FetchXML that's being run.  Something like:

    As ever I don't want to have to put my own C# in the system.
  • That article link is a good example of what we could do.

    But while this would be a great feature for us there are just too many other higher priority items for the next 6 months for this feature to get released. I know that means you need to use C# for now but we will try to get this on the development track in 6 months time.

    Also just adding that with this feature we could also support this scenario with no-code.

  • Thanks John,  We have had a customer ask us for just that scenario with a version of their product catalogue in Spanish.  If our customer goes down their proposed route I'll see where the timescales fit with our devs vs waiting for a roadmap