North52 Business Process Activities - Release History


The following provides details of the release history of North52's Business Process Activities (BPA).

v1.0.0.53x (xx-Oct-2017) - Future Release

New Features

  • Allow support for team & business unit entity
  • Decision Table Action Column now supports multiple actions on triple curly brackets

New Functions

  • GetFormId(),  GetFormClientState(),  GetFormFactor(),  GetFormType()    

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue around expand\collapse tabs for Mobile clients
  • Fixed issue with workflows firing from System User account
  • Fixed issue with plugin registration around secure \ un-secure configuration
  • Fixed issue around reading of the North52 Configuration License Accepted field
  • Fixed issue with N:N Associate when no related entities supplied
  • Fixed issue with SetPartyListCombined on PartyList fields 
  • Fixed exception issue with post-operation plugin on north52_configuration entity 

v1.0.0.530 (27-Jul-2017) - Current Release

New Features

  • Allow Quick Button to call any formula type
  • Allow you to control the seed value of the Random function
  • Allow failing client-side formulas to just return error message instead of exception
  • Add support for Quick Tile App.

New Functions

  • BrowserReload, FormSave, SetLabelSection, SetLabelTab.
  • QuickButtonEnable, QuickButtonDisable
  • AddToQueue, BPSetActiveStageSS, RandomCollectionOfIntegers 
  • MergeEntityCollections, RecordEntityName

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed name issue with function FindValueQuickName
  • Fixed issue with GetSourceProperty function when accessing optionset & money fields
  • Resolved auto setting of blank in  SetPickListValues() function
  • Fixed paging issue in the formula editor for the Processes node
  • Fixed bug where Scheduler basic license not enforced properly
  • Fixed issue with client-side & process genie formulas failing on processing parameters
  • Resolved issue with SetEntityTarget function not processing correctly the first parameter
  • Fixed issue where sdk message processing steps were being remove in error
  • Fixed issue for client-side formula with message ''

Upgrade Notes

If you are using the Quick Button solution and upgrading to v1.0.0.530 or later then please also upgrade to the latest of the Quick Button solution using the link below,

v1.0.0.527 (14-Jun-2017) 

New Features

  • Add support for the entityimage field
  • Added support for GenerateSalesOrderFromOpportunity & GenerateInvoiceFromOpportunity platform messages
  • Added support to filter erroneous data from formula detail query field
  • Removed the auto setting of blank in SetPickListValues() function
  • Enhanced WhoAmI() function to return any of context.userid, context.initiatinguserid, businessunitid, organizationid or a raw  WhoAmIRequest
  • Enhanced CreateJArray & CreateJArrayChildren so they can take plain text as a parameter
  • Enhanced Decision Tables Actions to act as Templates
  • Enhanced Decision Tables Conditions to take multiple values parameters on String & Memo fields
  • Added support to workaround Microsoft bug regarding AddPreFilterLookup

New Functions

  • SetEntityTargetRecord, FindValueQuickId, FindValueQuickName, OutputToTrace, GetOptionSetName
  • GetCalendarRules, ExpandCalendar
  • CreateQuickTile, CreateQuickTileCollection
  • ConvertSalesOrderToInvoice, ConvertQuoteToSalesOrder,
  • StringConcat, StringJoin, HtmlEncode, EscapeDataString, HtmlDecode, EscapeUriString
  • MinOfDates, MaxOfDates, MinOfDatesWithAnchor, MaxOfDatesWithAnchor, FindMatchParameter  

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug relating to firing formula on delete of record and not using the sourcerelationship field correctly
  • Fixed paging issue in the formula editor for the xCache node  

v1.0.0.523 (19-Apr-2017)

New Features

  • Decision Tables - Add ability to pass calculations as a parameter to an Action
  • Added new parameter to SharePointCreateFolder() function that if folder exists already it will not try to create folder
  • Allowed client-side formula to be attached to a form which is marked customizable = false
  • Enhanced error messages around dynamic fetch-xml queries
  • Allow SharePointDoesFolderExist function to take a full url on the folder name
  • Added control-click event to fetch-xml query attribute node in editor
  • Enhance PayLoad Xml to use same field on form multiple times
  • Enhancement to allow event trigger PropertyConfigurationStatus to execute
  • Added ability to allow for formula templates
  • Added support for multiple fields with RemoveAttributes() function

New Functions

  • SharePointDeleteFolder()
  • HaveFieldsChanged()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed UI issue where the Payload Xml was not refreshing when Source entity changed
  • Fixed issue with Federated Active Directory when using SharePoint Online functions
  • Fixed issue where you can now access the optionset label when using the PriorValue() function
  • Fixed UI issue where form elements not rendering correctly under the Source tab
  • Fixed issue with OnSave event for a client-side formula not executing
  • Fixed issue where a better error message is now displayed when North52 Publish All workflow is in draft status & user attempts a Publish
  • Fixed issue in Decision Table editor where option-set with a single character did not match correctly

v1.0.0.518 (08-Mar-2017) 

New Features

  • Added a do not show option to the formula guide
  • Enabled aliased fields to show in formula detail tree-view
  • Enabled control of the payload xml for client-side formulas to include sections or fields
  • Added ability to change the North52 security roles due to Microsoft bug with Dynamics-365 upgrades
  • Added ability to view response headers in CallRestApi function
  • Enhanced performance profile when saving formulas with lots (10+) Source Property fields selected. 

New Functions

  • AzureCognitiveIssueToken()
  • SetColumnNames()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where the form names are not appearing in the pick-list for Source Properties for client-side formulas
  • Fixed issue with Decision Tables that when saving it throws a System.Format error

v1.0.0.516 (16-Feb-2017)

New Features

  • Added support for new Outlook App for Dynamics 365
  • Enhanced Clone() function to ignore fields
  • Enhanced OpenEntityForm() & OpenQuickCreate to take parameters
  • Added support for Quick Button 2
  • Use web-api for client-side formulas for 8.2 or higher
  • Enhanced Decision Tables so 'Actions' can take parameters
  • Enhanced Clone function to handle product bundles

New Functions

  • HaveFieldsTriggered(), SharePointDoesFolderExist(), IgnoreFields()
  • LinkPlainHyperLink(), SharePointDoesFolderExist

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with client-side formulas with empty parameters (startindex not found)
  • Fixed encoding of German characters and + character
  • Fixed default simple object JSON encoding for clientside perform action * command console
  • Fixed issue where error message shown on solution deletion
  • Fixed issue for daylight savings Schedule calculation
  • Fixed issue with xmlserializer for client-side formulas

v1.0.0.514 (20-Jan-2017)

New Features

  • Added support for aliased field lookup fields for CreateHTMLTable() function
  • SelectForm function checks if form already selected and if so will not re-load
  • Added ability to break out of ForEachRecord
  • Enhanced ability to execute client-side formulas for Decision Tables
  • Added support for PriceList & PriceListItem entities
  • Enhanced client-side support for decision tables
  • Enhanced Then() function to support multiple actions if Enterprise or above license
  • Enhanced Association formula types to allows custom error messages
  • Added support for daylight savings calculation for Schedules 
  • Enhanced Configuration page
  • Added support for TLS 1.2 via WebFusion
  • Added support for Quick Action

New Functions

  • FindProductPropertiesByRegardingID()
  • FindProductPropertiesByRegardingIDAndPropertyName()
  • FindRecordsAudit()
  • GetDepth(), GetMessageName(), GetPrimaryEntityName()
  • CreateHTMLButton(), SetQueryString(), OpenQuickCreate(), SelectFormByName()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when using related fields on a Decision Table
  • Fixed issue with client-side formulas when publishing 'sequence could not be found'
  • Fixed issue with caching of sdkmessageprocessingsteps
  • Fixed issue with Clone() function where overridden date being retained
  • Fixed issue with datetime fields & PriorValue() function not formatting correctly

v1.0.0.506 (15-Sep-2016)

New Features

  • Allow direct use of ContainsData & DoesNotContainData in Decision Tables
  • Allow use of raw functions in Decision Tables
  • Allow use of a list for the SetPickListValues() function
  • Added support for North52 Schedule Extended
  • Enhanced ContainsData() and DoesNotContainData() to take multiple fields
  • Enhanced Between() function to support excludes on just one side
  • Added enhanced configuration support for the client-side onsave event
  • Added support for compound OR statements

New Functions

  • ContainsDataAndNotZero(), MultipleDecisionTable(), SetVarConcat()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when creating Process Genie formulas throwing a system format error
  • Fixed issue where event picklist not showing for autonumber formulas
  • Fixed issue on encoding with fetch-xml on FindRecordsFD function passing parameters 
  • Fixed issue when setting nulls for JSON documents 
  • Fixed issue on the tablet app where changing screens can throw an error  
  • Fixed issue where the primary guid not returned for related records 
  • Fixed issue where SetPickListValues() would not work on certain entities
  • Fixed issue with function SharePointFindDocumentsByFetchXml() aroud objecttype conversions 
  • Fixed issue with setting on nolock on custom fetch-xml queries 
  • Fixed issue with overloaded buffers for internal tracing 

v1.0.0.502 (1-Aug-2016)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with setting German currency, decimal & float client-side fields
  • Fixed issue with Process Genies where the initiaing user was system user when accessing usersettings entity
  • Fixed issue with multi-step DoLoop() function where not obeying  License editions
  • Fixed issue with the Scheduler processes multiple record set(s)

v1.0.0.499 (11-Jul-2016)

New Features

  • Updated Formula Editor UI to include a Register & Fetch-XML tab
  • Added new Source node for M:M relationships
  • Added new Source node for Processes
  • Added ability for formula to execute on sharepointdoclocation entity
  • Added support to call a clientside function for the stage change event
  • Searching functions auto expands on matching nodes
  • Under the Source node when you hold down the control key only the name part will insert
  • Added ability to select a field in the editor and add it as first parameter when function selected
  • Added ability to set a quote status to won, lost, close

New Functions

  •  CreateEmailFromTemplate(), FindTemplateById()
  • BPSetActiveProcess(), BPSetActiveStage(), BPMoveNextStage(), BPMovePreviousStage(), FindBPProcessID(), FindBPGetStageID()
  • OpenWindow(), OpenEntityForm()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with related records regarding datetime fields
  • Fixed issue with # character for client-side formulas
  • Fixed issue with setting picklist items in the header
  • Fixed issue around validation of dynamic field references in formula description
  • Fixed issue where true and false were showing as items in Source Property list box
  • FIxed client-side 'Object Expected' error when user exiting before formula completes
  • Fixed issue with Decision Table where primaryid of activity entities was not generated correctly
  • Fixed issue with searching on source node within IE

v1.0.0.494 (09-May-2016)

New Features

  • Added support for Patch on CallRestApi
  • Added support for Condition-Or in Decision Table
  • Added support for Process Session entity
  • Added support for multiple AddPreFilter lookups
  • Added support for no aggregation fetch-xml option on FindSum() 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Publish All time-out issue
  • Fixed setting default on related entities 
  • Fixed issue with Delete event
  • Fixed issue with FindValue() function around casting with Money

v1.0.0.492 (23-Apr-2016)

New Features

  • Added support for CRM 2016 Update 1
  • Enhanced SetClientSideField() to process Lookups and Datetime fields
  • Added ability to send raw JSON \ XML as either application or text
  • Added an enhanced formula syntax checker
  • Enhanced formula checker so it ignore comments
  • Added ability for BPA to work in a limited Windows Platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithm environments
  • Added ability to remove '::' when using Clone() function
  • Reduced the save time when creating client side formulas
  • Enhanced logic around Create & Update client side formulas
  • Enhanced logging for client-side formulas
  • Added ability to update read-only fields for client-side formulas
  • Added parameter to the EnableFields() & DisableFields() functions '*' to work with all fields.
  • Added ability to perform conditional actions within the MultipleClientSide() function
  • Turned off caching for related entities
  • Added ability for FindSum() & FindSumFD() functions to not use aggregate fetch-xml 

New Functions

  •  AddPreFilterLookup(), RemovePreFilterLookup()
  • SetClientSideFieldAppend (), GetActionOutputParameter ()
  • FindRecordsAuditHtml()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when assigning formula to a different user
  • Fixed client-side issue when using Save & Close
  • Fixed issue on tablets for number & datetime fields
  • Fixed UI issue in formula editor around extra quotes being displayed in treeview
  • Fixed default value issue with FindMaxFD() FindMinFD() for date fields
  • Fixed issue with closing an incident record via UpdateRecord() function
  • Fixed issue with changing status of record in CRM 2016
  • Fixed issue with Case() function for double executions of default action
  • Fixed issue with schedule deployment of new start and end times
  • Fixed issue regarding new forms rendering engine and client-side formulas
  • Fixed issue with Source related entities with multiple references to same entity
  • Fixed issue with direct updates to xCache
  • Fixed issue when saving formulas and messageid not being found
  • Fixed checksum issue with Microsoft patches on Sql Server

Altered Features

  • Deprecated the function SetClientSideDate() in favour of SetClientSideField()
  • Deprecated the function SetClientSideLookup() in favour of SetClientSideField()
  • The formula type 'Save To Children' is no longer supported

v1.0.0.478 (10-Dec-2015)

New Features

  • Added support for Decision Tables
  • Added support for In-Memory Queries via xCache
  • Support for CRM 2016
  • Added support for multi-action DoLoops.
  • Added support for color coding of formula elements in formula editor
  • Added support to search any treeview in the formula editor
  • Added walk the tree capability to retrieve related data from the Source entity
  • Added lazy loading capabilities for some picklists within the formula editor
  • Enhanced client-side support for Tablet clients and error handling
  • Client-side support for calling dialogs via BPA SDK
  • Added default value parameter for xCacheGet
  • Can use SetAttribute instead of SetAttributeLookup if underlying datatype supports only 1 entity

New Functions

  •  xCacheCalculateLocal(), xCacheAddCalculatedFieldLocal(), xCacheFilterLocal(), xCacheGetLocal(), xCacheLoadLocal()
  •  SharePointCreateSite(), SharePointUpdateItemMetaData(), SharePointGetItemMetaData()
  • GetDayOfWeekName(), GetFirstDayOfWeek(), Between(),  IfTrue()
  • AddMinutes(), AddSeconds()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with CreateHtmlTable() where Quota was being exceeded.
  • Fixed issue where Formula Detail records shows an error message when opened.

Altered Features

  • When using the CreateRecord() function the second parameter to determine the number of records to create is now optional
  • When using the SmartFlow() function the use of SmartFlowReturn() to return a value is now optional as the result of the last step will now do this automatically
  • When using a client-side formula to call a Workflow the guid of the record that you want to call the workflow for is required

v1.0.0.471 (08-Sep-2015)

New Features

  • Added new wizard generators for a range of functions
  • Enhanced support for JSON token processing
  • Added support so a Schedule can call a global action
  • Speed up deployment process with regards to active \ deactivate North52 plugins
  • Support changing statecode \ statecode reason with CreateRecord() function
  • Support changing statecode \ statecode reason on the Case entity with UPdateRecord() function
  • Add support for Convert Task to Opportunity \ Case

New Functions

  • LoopUntilTrue()

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with FindMin() FindMax() for defaulting date fields
  • Fixed issue where AutoNumber formula firing for Update but only Create selected

Altered Features

  • When calling an Action (type of Process) from the North52 Scheduler the uniquename of the action must be post fixed to the end of the Action name.

v1.0.0.467 (27-Apr-2015)

New Features

  • Support for CRM 2015 Update 1 (i.e. Carina release, 7.1.x.x)
  • Sitemap reference now generated in the CRM2013 \ CRM2015 solution
  • Allow configuration of the number of formulas\schedules to publish in a single step
  • Allow configuration of the North52 Publish All feature
  • Added official release date on the North52 Configuration record
  • Scheduler now supports only executing during working hours
  • Scheduler now supports calculating next re-start for long running jobs 
  • Deployment solution items now fully support Status field changes
  • Deployment solution items now allow edits to managed items 
  • Added new maintenance option to remove BPA solutiondependencies 
  • Added new maintenance option to add BPA deployment solution

New Functions

  • GetParamFromUrl(), CreateQuoteFromOpportunity(), CreateQuoteFromOpportunity(), CreateSalesOrderFromOpportunity(), CreateInvoiceFromOpportunity()
  •  SharePointCreateFile(), SharePointCreateFolder(), SharePointDeleteFile(), SharePointFindDocumentsByFetchXml(), SharePointGetFile()
  • SendEmail(), Sha1(), SetTwoColumnOrder()

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue with the SetClientSideLookup() function and the character '|'
  • Fixed issue with the paging cookie when caching user settings
  • Resolved issue with Disassociate() function to work when both sides of N:N contain same entity
  • Resolved issue on MoCa client for client-side formulas which caused an exception
  • Resolved paging cookie issue when cahcing UserSettings
  • Resolved issue with the pop-up window when executing a Command
  • Resolved IE11 issue where pop-up dialogs were never auto-closing
  • Resolved IE11 issue where list of form fields never displayed

Altered Features

  • For the SetPickListValues() function added ability that the first named value in the list or the empty value will be auto selected.

v1.0.0.462 (27-Jan-2015)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with the sitemap where it was resetting some of the elements
  • Fixed issue where the Dynamic Record URL field used in a workflow would not load for a formula
  • Fixed issue with Process Genie where the parameter XML would not accept virtual fields

v1.0.0.460 (16-Jan-2015)

New Features

  • Support for xCache
  • Support for WebFusion. Call Rest based Web-Services
  • Added support to copy attachments from one entity to another
  • Added support to allow the formula tester feature to be used from any browser.
  • Added support to allow loading of internal caches to use 'no-lock' when performing  query operations

New Functions

  • LCM(), GCD(), RecordUnShareAll(), CreateJArray(), CreateJArrayChildren(), CreateJObject(), CreateJProperty(), FindJArrayItem(), ThrowError() 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when calling the AssociateEntities() function for M:M relationship when same entity on both sides
  • Fixed issue on the Scheduler where the paging cookie was not being reset
  • Fixed issue on the Scheduler where the last run datetime \ next run date could be over written from a new deployment
  • Fixed issue that when you move a formula from one deployment solution to another that its child formula details records were not being moved as well

Altered Features

  • Existing feature of exporting formulas \ schedules to zip file via Silverlight has been altered to push the zip file to be  attached to the North52 Configuration record so a user can download. This allows us to remove the last of our dependencies on  Silverlight.
  • Change when setting dates via CreateRecord() or UpdateRecord() to now use a UTC datetime rather than local datetime.

           More Details:


v1.0.0.454 (07-Dec-2014)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue when updating task activities 
  • Fixed issue in IE when using popup dialogs for processing. e.g. Start Schedule, Clone Formula, Publish Formula, etc.

v1.0.0.452 (20-Nov-2014)

New Features

  • Support for CRM 2015
  • Support for HTML5 Formula Editor
  • Allow parameter XML to be defined on Process Genie
  • Allow Process Genie to execute under a different user
  • Allow formulas to execute when form is read-only
  • Added support for a default blank on field parameters as #
  • Added support to read AliasedValues when using CurrentRecord()
  • Added ability to perform multiple actions via ForEachRecord() 
  • Added ability to stop Scheduler after first record

New Functions

  • CDecimalToInt32(), CFloatToInt32(), CNodeToXml(), GetDaysInMonth(), GetFirstDayOfMonth(), GetLastDayOfMonth(), IsLeapYear(), FindValueFD(), FindAvgFD(), FindCountFD(), FindMaxFD(), FindMinFD(), FindSumFD(), FindRecordsValue(), FindEntityCollectionCount(), CreateHtmlTable(), LinkRawUrl(), LinkDialogUrl(), LinkHyperLinkUrl(), MaxOf(), MinOf(), UpdateCreateRecord(), RecordShare(), RecordUnShare(), SmartFlow(), SmartFlowReturn(), CreateNoteIfExists(), DeleteRecordIfExists(), UpdateRecordIfExists(), CreateXmlRootNode(), CreateXmlRootAttribute(), CreateXmlDeclaration(), CreateXmlElement(), CreateXmlAttribute(), CreateXmlChildren(), FindXmlItem(), DeleteRecordsFD()

Deprecated Functions

  • Max(), Min(), Sum(), Count(), Avg(), Let(), LetReturn(), FirstRecord(), LastRecord(), FindRecordValue()

           More Details:



Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue on scheduler when processing schedules of type weekly & quarterly
  • Fixed format issue on passing datetime parameters to fetch-xml
  • Fixed issue when using Create & UpdateRecord() for setting datetimes in UTC kind
  • Fixed bug where only the first 50 solutions displayed in the Deployment Solution pick-list
  • Fixed bug where scheduled actions uses the name not the uniquename field 

v1.0.0.450 (02-Oct-2014)

  • Fixed bug for AutoNumber formulas where the formula executes when a user Assigns the record to another user for these entities Account, Contact, Opportunity, Quote, Order, Invoice. Only occurs in release (
  • Fixed issue for AutoNumber formulas on the create of Opportunity records where if the CRM platform sets the 'Pricing Error' field after the initial create (i.e 2 Create Messages fired) the AutoNumber formula will fire a second timeOnly occurs in release (
  • Fixed issue where if a CRM system was upgraded from CRM 1.2 it can cause the localized label value on an entities attribute to be null and so the Source treeview will fail to display. 
  • Fixed issue for Client Side formulas on the Opportunity record where formula would not save
  • Added support for Cloning Organizations owned records that are children of a parent Cloned entity
  • Replaced calls to AssociateEntityRequest with AssociateRequest

Bug Fixes (Additional detail):

v1.0.0.446 (02-Aug-2014)

  • Added support to retrieve the Formatted Value for a property
  • Added new function GetUserTeams()
  • Added support to clone organization owned entities 
  • Added new functions  ExpandTabs() & CollapseTabs()
  • Updated client-side formulas so that date fields are always converted to UTC
  • Added ability to create client-side formulas for Quick Create Forms
  • Added full support for Opportunity Close, Quote Close, Order Close & Case Resolution
  • Added new functions SetAttributeAction() & SetAttributeActionLookup()
  • Fixed bug with Process Genie when using Primary Entity ID parameter some fields values not being removed from PropertyBag
  • Fixed issue with CreateRecord() & UpdateRecord() function for party lists using SetAttributePartyList() function
  • Fixed issue where formulas execute even when form is Read-Only

Upgrade Actions:

v1.0.0.443 (15-Jul-2014)

  • Fixed issue with setting the default value on the deployment solution field on a formula

v1.0.0.442 (12-Jul-2014) 

  • Added support to control data sets for client-side formulas
  • Fixed issue where client-side formula firing on deactiavted record
  • Enhanced CountCharacters() function to be able to count a specific character
  • Added support to allow formulas & scheduled to be placed into any unmanged solution
  • Added extra information around the license key
  • Fixed issue where setting a default value was not working for special field names
  • Added support for SetFormNotifications for formulas of type validation
  • Extended the BPA navigation to appear under the main solutions areas
  • Fixed issue with Ownership Assignment on the Account, Contact & Sales related entities.
  • Fixed issue for Clone() function so that the user the initiates the function is assigned record ownership
  • Added support for the QualifyLead message

v1.0.0.441 (14-May-2014)

  • Fixed issue with Save and Close & Save & New in CRM 2011
  • Added support to call ExecuteWorkflow() function from a Process Genie
  • Added support to stagger schedule processes
  • Added support to GetNextWorkingTime() function to count time between days
  • Fixed null reference issue with Association formula type
  • Fixed issue when URL parameter to a Process Genie
  • Fixed issue with MultipleClientSide() function where calls took a long time
  • Added support for CRM 2013 SP1

v1.0.0.437 (18-Feb-2014)

  • Fixed issue  from CRM 2013, Update Rollup 2 where the getserverurl() function is no longer supported by Microsoft
  • Fixed issue  from CRM 2013, Update Rollup 1 where the label control of html webresources does not get hidden on hiding the entire control
  • Fixed issue  from CRM 2011, Update Rollup 16 where Silverlight Webresource controls no longer accept 'No of Rows' to set the height of the control
  • Now provide 3 different formula forms  High Res., Med Res., Low Res which controls the resolution of the formula editor depending on the resolution of your screen
  • Added ability to pass & reuse any field argument in the 'Formula Parameter Xml' field of Process Genie
  • Add new function GenerateGuid()
  • Added new function client-side function SelectForm() to set the form

v1.0.0.435 (06-Jan-2014) 

  • Fixed bug in CRM 2013, Update Rollup 1 when using a formula in a workflow or dialog
  • Added support for Associate & Disassociate events
  • Added new functions StripHtml(), IsUserInSecurityRoles() 
  • Perform multiple actions within a single formula
  • Fixed XML encoding issue when deploying formulas

v1.0.0.432 (02-Dec-2013) 

  • Fixed bug from CRM 2013, Update Rollup 1 where source & target pick-lists not working
  • Resolved issue with running Process Genie in a dialog
  • Fixed issue updating the status field with UpdateRecord() 
  • Add caching option on the FindValue() function

v1.0.0.429 (Nov - 2013)

  • Added Process Genie.
  • Added support for formulas & schedules within solutions
  • This release requires some upgrade steps as outlined in the article below, 

Upgrade Actions:

v1.0.0.426 (Oct - 2013)

  • Fix to intermittent issue when loading formulas within the formula editor. 

v1.0.0.425 (Oct - 2013)

  • Compatible with both CRM 2011 & CRM 2013
  • Added new functions to support looping, (e.g. ForEachRecord(), DoLoop())
  • Added new functions to simplify aggregation of data, (e.g. FindSum(), FindAvg(), FindCount(), etc. )
  • Added new web service, (GeoCodeBing(), GetExchangeRate(), Translate())
  • Added new string functions, (e.g. Slice, EndsWith, Split, etc.)
  • Added new platform functions, to create & remove many to many (M:M) relationships (e.g. AssociateEntities(), DisassociateEntities())

v1.0.0.418 (Jun - 2013)

v1.0.0.407 (Apr - 2013)

  • Added support for updating owner field for save to children
  • Resolved issue with client-side formulas relating to string encoding
  • Added support for GetPartyListItemName() function
  • Added support for GetPartyListItemType() function

v1.0.0.402 (Mar - 2013)

  • Enhanced support for Outlook offline mode in relation to client side formulas
  • Fixed issue with setting currency values with CreateRecord() & UpdateRecord()
  • Added function GetNextWorkingTime()
  • Enhanced ExecuteWorkflow() function so it can run server-side
  • Added feature to clean up public saved views after importing solutions
  • Fixed issue with bulk-editing of formulas
  • Fixed internationalization issue with the Formula Tester
  • Added support for entity names containing a '&'
  • Deprecated the function CInt()
  • Added support for functions CInt32() & CInt64()
  • Fixed UI colouring issue between pre & post UR12
  • Fixed javascript error in relation to ribbon buttons in CRM-Online

v1.0.0.389 (Jan - 2013)

  • Fix floating point datatype issue
  • Add support for save to children formula type for different fields
  • Fix invalid lookup values for client side
  • Fix tab and section name retrieval on a form

v1.0.0.382 (Dec - 2012 - UR12)

  • Added support for client side formulae
  • Added support for no lock on aggregate operations
  • Fix for multiple formulae when using delete event
  • Add support for CASE statement
  • Add support for GetNextWorkingDay function
  • Add support for IsWorkingDay function
  • Add support for DiffWorkingDays function
  • Add support for Random function

v1.0.0.349 (2012)

  • Fix for when an entity is deleted but formulas still exist
  • Add support for boolean in the formula calculation entity
  • Add support for StartSchedule and StopSchedule functions
  • Add support to clone many to many relationships
  • Add support for CreateRecord and UpdateRecord functions
  • Add support so that when the clone function is called it returns the guid of the new record
  • Added UpdateActivityPartyBulk function
  • Fix for using TargetId in FormulaDetail for delete event
  • Added ability to call the FindValue function from a FormulaDetail record
  • Added support to retrieve the logical entity name for any lookup

v1.0.0.331 (2012)

  • Add support for not using the AutoNumber function within the AutoNumber formula type
  • Fix for GUI display of sub schedules
  • Fix for returning proper datatype on FirstRecord() function call

v1.0.0.328 (2012)

  • Fix on the PreCheck functionality for a formula
  • Added GetDateOnly function
  • Added support for delete event
  • Added support for export of formulas to a zip file for easy imports to other CRM systems
  • Fixed issue with formula validation within the formula editor
  • Fixed encoding issue for the FindValue & FindListValues functions
  • Added category & sub category fields on the formula entity
  • Added scheduler
  • Fix for AutoNumber picklist, remove JS for setting event
  • Add support for the 'Generate Quote From Opportunity' event
  • Added support for extra datatypes within workflow & dialog formula calculations
  • Added fix to support large attachments  

v1.0.0.294 (2012)

  • Added Clone function
  • Added SetPartyList function
  • Added SetPartyListCombined function
  • Added Command pattern
  • Added AddHours function
  • Fix calculated field in a dialog\workflow
  • Added support for the Book & Reschedule events on the appointment

v1.0.0.282 (2012 )

  • Performance fix when calling formula from workflows

v1.0.0.281 (Jul - 2012)

  • Production Release

v0.9.2.172 (Aug - 2011)

  • Second beta release

v0.9.2.168 (Feb - 2011)

  • Initial beta release
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